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15 February 2011

Stan Musial, American Hero

No self-respecting fan of the St. Louis Cardinals cannot be unaffected by the events of today, as our one, true hero becomes ordained as a national treasure.  Unbelievable that it has taken this long to happen, but at this moment Stan Musial is in Washington D.C. to accept America's highest civilian honor as President Barack Obama presents The Man with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I did have but one occasion to personally meet Mr. Musial.  It was many years ago that I took a stadium tour of Busch II, and as the tour went by the press box, Jack Buck and Stan Musial where there having a conversation.  Both men could not be more gracious, personally introducing themselves to each of us greeting us all like long lost friends.  It is a particular moment that shall last in my memory until my end.

Congratulations Mr. Musial.  You are indeed a national treasure.

13 February 2011

We're Back

The Redbirds Report has been so quiet for so long that some thought we were deceased.  But - alas to some - this is not the case.  In fact, the cause of our disappearance has been due to us beginning a new business.  That fledgling enterprise has reached the level of non-lucrative (but somewhat profitable) hobby, we feel comfortable devoting some time to our first love - thinking, eating, and drinking the milkshake that is Cardinal baseball.  And what better time to get back into the swing of things than spring training.

Since we have taken to task the idea that we can provide website design and internet services, letting a first love of this nature rot for a few months was a mistake in strategy.  A man must know his limitations, but must not let his limitations limit him.  With that crazy bit of personal philosophy, look for some changes to the site as we go forward.  Most of all, look for us to expand upon our core product - analysis and opinion not based solely upon statistical evaluation, not based on knee-jerk emotion, and not based upon immediate situations.  A stout fan of 40 years does not base everything upon today, but bases everything winning this season and many seasons in the future.

Every successful sports franchise bases it's success on two fundamentals:
  1. Win right now
  2. Don't win right now if it means not winning for YEARS down the road
So the fantastic journey that is a new season dawns on us at this moment.  Spring is the time of year that dreams are made, and the individual moments that make or break a season are impossible to predict.  Let us begin the glorious journey that is a baseball season wide-eyed and optimistic, and not bog the idealistic dreams of a nation in focusing too much in the moment - there is a full season's worth of journalistic bombast to come in which to do so.

With that, we channel Bilbo Baggins - The road runs right past our door, once you step upon that road, you never know where it will lead.