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09 July 2010

Cliff Lee to Cardinals - NOT!

A quick follow up to my post from last night.  The heady but misguided rumors of the St Louis Cardinals trading for Seattle Mariners left-handed starter Cliff Lee proved to be just that - misguided.

The Texas Rangers traded valued rookie Justin Smoak and 3 minor leaguers to the Mariners for Lee.  The Mariners will also send $2.5 million to the Rangers to subsidize the $4 million still owed to Lee, with the Rangers on the hook for $1.5 million of Lee's salary this season.

ESPN reports the trade is not completely finalized.  With the Texas Rangers in bankruptcy hearings associated with the sale of the team, there still could be trouble with the trade.  MLB is currently running the team, and it is unknown if the Rangers taking on $1.5 million in salary "is going to be an issue" with the bankruptcy court.

In this writer's mind, the boost the trade gives to the Rangers playoff chances, the low financial investment in the trade should be easily offset by gate and merchandise receipts.  I believe the trade will be allowed.

Apparently talks between the Mariners and the New York Yankees fell apart this afternoon, thus proving there is a God and that he loves us.

I said it wouldn't happen.  I was correct.  Leaving only my prescience to match my humility.

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