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07 April 2011

A (slightly) New Look for The Redbirds Report

After scrubbing my 13th attempt at formulating something/anything useful about Wednesday's Cardinal debacle by the freeway against the Pittsburgh Pirates, I got nothing written.  Those in the know would say it was the best thing I've ever posted, but I'm not that snarky and refuse the license.

In the free time amid my angst, I embarked on a long-time goal - to improve the look of this repository of self-promotion and esoteric wit.  My goal was to leave this limited platform to slicker, more flexible fields for athletic literature.  Alas, certain upcoming events leave me hesitant to mess with the system I've got working here on Google is supposed to update the look of Blogger soon.  Expect this blog to look like gmail.

So I tweaked a background here, played around with fonts, tightened a font-size there, and generally goofed with every element until I came up with a whole new look that surprisingly looks much like the whole old look.  

I hope it makes it easier to see the stories I have written.  I make no promises that my writing style will make the stories easier to understand.  But I do enjoy using the vocabulary I built from years of having my grandmother foisting Reader's Digests on me to complete some silly exercise (and they did it in every damn issue, and still do).
Towards More Picturesque Speech.  Bah!
If you think it looks better, let me know in the comments.  If you don't like it, let me know in the comments.  If it's the first time here, let me know in the comments.  And if so, and you're not coming back - keep your damn comments to yourself.  Just kidding.  As far as you know.

Now, I shall rest my bleary eyes.  Perhaps to dream of hits in a land where the double play and the two-out pop up have never been known.

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Cardinal70 said...

I like it. Nice look to the place!

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