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04 April 2011

United Cardinal Bloggers Weekend Dinner at Pujols 5

I was unable to attend the main festivities Sunday at Busch III, and that's a real shame since that was THE game of the weekend to be at (Redbirds won due to blogger power?!).  But I was able to attend the United Cardinal Bloggers network meet & greet event at Pujols 5 in Westport on Saturday Night.

It was a great turn out.  So great in fact, that we were shoehorned into a much smaller room than local fire codes probably dictate.  

While the quarters were cramped, the company was first rate.  And the general consensus around my table was that the food was delectable.

I shared a table for dinner with twitter friend @kismatt, and the conversation was as good as the food.  Also at the table was my poor mother who I dragged along to be my designated driver.  She assured me she enjoyed herself - belying the stereotype that bloggers are over-opinionated, self-serving jerks (I, of course, being the exception that proves the rule). 

So many of us at the UCB dinner rued the fact when did not get the opportunity to chat with our fellow UCB members and twitter friends.  But we all agreed that the opportunity to match a face to the author, and simply shake a fellow writers hand was a treat.

Here's a couple of photos of the crowd.  Please excuse the quality - I'm just not a big enough jerk to push fine folks out of the way to snap a shot with my iPhone.  If you are curious who each person in the photos are, check out their work.  The link to the websites of the attendees are listed in the blogroll in the sidebar on the right.  Good people, great bloggers, and the best St. Louis Cardinals fans.

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